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Purchase your 2023 Connectional Youth and Young Adult Kit. After you purchase, you will be prompted to download the document.

CYYAW 23 Kit

CYYAW 2023 Flyer.png

For your convenience, we have prepared a devotional to help help guide you along this lenten journey.  

Lenten Devotional

Advent Devotional_2022 Cover.jpg

Important Notice:

The department's website is being updated. Until the website is updated, please email all orders and pay via check/money order for individual catalog items to:  Orders will be processed and shipped within 7-10 business days. Bundle deals available are listed below and available for online payment.


Thank you!

For your convenience, we have grouped a set of resources together that gives each pastor a Christian Education toolkit.  By purchasing these items as a bundle, you get a $60 value for only $29.99 (50% savings)!

Items Included:

-Membership Leader Guide & Student Book

-The Apostles' Creed

-Baptizing Babies

-Wondrous Grace

-Trifold Understanding of Giving

-Enlightened Males Program Manual

Pastor's C.E. Pack

The Practitioner

A new magazine designed to give helpful information to those who practice Christian Education at any level of the church. Published by the CME General Department of Christian Education,

The Practitioner is issued quarterly at a rate of $5.00 per copy or $20.00 per year.

Christian Educator's Bundle

We know how every Christian Educator wants to hit the ground running with EVERY resource possible--unfortunately, most budgets are limited.  For that reason, we put together the Christian Educator's Bundle.   Save $50 by ordering the bundle which purchased separately would cost OVER $150!  This avalue available for $99.95.

Items Included:

-How to Do A New Thing

-Christian Education Organizational Guide

-The Apostles' Creed

-Wondrous Grace

-Membership Manual Leader Guide & Student Book

-Trifold Understanding of Giving

-Young Adult Ministry Handbook

-CYF Guide

-Youth Ministry Handbook

-Children's Ministry Handbook

-Enlightened Males Program Manual

-Sunday School Superintendent

-Student Recognition Day


Learn about all we have available on our online store. If you see something in the catalog that you want that is not displayed in the above items, click Contact Us 

“Beware you be not swallowed up in books! An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge.”  ~  John Wesley

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