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"Online you get to know your students' minds not just their faces."


eLearning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere.  eLearning includes training, the delivery of just-in-time information, and guidance from experts.   Imagine having a Sunday School teacher available to you at your convenience, not just on Sunday morning...


If we could stop time and inexpensively bring together all of the people in the CME Church who need to learn and the resources to teach them, we would not need e-learning.  In the real world, people have jobs to do and funds are limited.  We envision our learning program leveraging the power of technology to overcome the limitations of time, distance, and resources.



Vital Information for Christian Educators


Persons who are offered choices are more motivated to participate and learn than persons who are not given choices

It is important to offer choices to people because people have different, interests, needs and abilities.


Concepts that are concrete can be communicated more easily than abstract  concepts

Jesus illustrated this principle very well through parables, actions and  

relationships to connect to real life experiences.


Dialogue produces more learning and growth than monologue

One way to do this is to discuss each week’s sermon during Bible Study.


Persons care more about what happens when they are able to commit themselves to tangible meaningful tasks

In meetings when people are given opportunity to choose tasks to perform they are more readily able to commit to the tasks.


Each congregation must see that Christian Education ministry as specialized tailored for the particular time and place in which it lives


Planning and evaluation are essential to effective Christian Education in the church

This makes possible affirmation for work that is well done, recommitment 

to a goal, or establishment of new goals. 



The Ministry of Music In The Black Church

Based on the Book written by J. Wendell Mapson (1984)


This is a workshop designed to get the local church to think about singing in the local church.  After the session(s) members of the local church are expected to be more in tune with why they sing in the church.


I. Why sing in the church?  


     A. African Tradition

         a. Religion and music is embedded in African life.

         b. Music told the unwritten history of the community.

         c. Alternation of improvised lines and fixed refrains is part of the tradition.

         d. During American enslavement of Africans musical forms of Africa were retained.

         e. A major part of the tradition was the call and response.

         f. Music had an improvisational quality.


 How does the music in your local church embody the African Tradition?  Give examples and discuss in the group.


      B. Black Theology and Black Music

          a. It is how black people see God, the world and themselves

          b. Music gives shape to theology.

          c. Black Church music is the life-blood of the church.  People judge the spiritual tone of the church by its music.  People are drawn into the community of faith by music.

          d. Music is to be a legitimate response to God, telling the story of hardship, disapointment and hope.  It ushers people into the very presence of God and sends people to serve.

          e. Music and Worship in the Black Idiom expresses the communal nature of the black experience, edifying the family of God.  It ministers to the whole person. 

          f. It balances the freedom of the Holy Spirit with liturgies. 

          g. It is a place of celebration and healing.


You may need the leadership of your pastor to help with discussing the music you currently use in worship.  A good exercise will be to look back over the last month and look at all the music you use.  What does it say about how your church sees God, the world and themselves?


What does your music on Sundays communicate about the spiritual tone of your church?  What is the difference in being “drawn into the community of faith” and “drawn to worship on Sundays?”


Name the kind of music your church uses, e.g. hymns, gospel, rap, etc.  What theology does your church have based on its music?


     C. Biblical Understanding

         a. Worship is a human response to divine initiative.

         b. Music is a way of expressing our faith.

         c. There is spontaneity and freedom.  It was true in the New Testament churches.

         d. Music expresses the present day situation.

         e. Music is guided by the Holy Spirit, but there are restrictions.

         f. Music was an act of celebration in the New Testament churches.


 Because worship is a human response to divine initiative what should our first song(s) express?  (Praise and adoration to God).  What is the first hymn you sing?  What does it express?  If music expresses the present day situation, does that make hymns out of date?  Look at some hymns and answer for yourselves.  Is there room for new hymns to be written?  Why not write some?  Restrictions refer to decency and order (for example you would not break windows and say it was the Spirit)


II.   Why A Choir?


     A. To speak for the congregation because of the possession of certain skills. Rehearses to sharpen and polish the choir’s skills.  The tools of the choir are refined through practice, discipline, commitment and training.  The choir is a collective voice.  A good reason to look the part of unity.  The choir provides the ministry of spiritual growth through singing. 


     B. To speak with the congregation as participants in the act of worship. This is done primarily with hymns so everyone in the church can sing.  Of course now that can be done with other genre of music through the use of projecting songs on a screen.


     C. To speak to the congregation with special music, rehearsed and prepared.


During worship all people should be given opportunity to sing.  How does your choir provide spiritual growth to the congregation?


Sunday School


"Making disciples through "events that form and transform" 


We are providing these notes from the Committee on Uniform Series that prepares associated Sunday School lesson outlines long in advance of their usage.  Included in this Guide are thoughts that are reflected in the Lesson Development Guide for writers of Sunday school lessons and the recommended commentary of the Department of Christian Education, The New International Lesson Annual published by Abingdon Press Nashville, Tennessee. 

Send an email to to receive these notes electronically each week.

Sunday School Guides available for download

(PDF Format)

The Department of Christian Education has provided an official message regarding the September thru November 2019 lessons--it is available for download.

August 25, 2019:  Family Commitment
August 18, 2019:  The Reward of Commitment

August 11, 2019:  Loyalty and Devotion

August 4, 2019:  A Trusted and Loyal Friend

July 28, 2019:  The Pursuit of Truth

July 21, 2019:  All You Need Is Love

July 14, 2019:  Love From The Heart

July 7, 2019:  Be The Difference

June 30, 2019:  Attitude Check

June 23, 2019:  Stronger Together

June 16, 2019:  Cleaning Up The Mess

June 9, 2019:  Restored Relationships

June 2, 2019:  Making Promises

May 26, 2019:  Giving One’s All

May 19, 2019:  Surrendering Pride

May 12, 2019:  Life Without Guilt

May 5, 2019:  Putting The Past Behind Us

April 28, 2019:  A Job To Do

April 21, 2019:  Go and Tell

April 14, 2019:  Remembering Good Deeds


April 7, 2019:  Summoned For Service

March 31, 2019:  Purposeful Following

March 24, 2019:  Finding Acceptance

March 17, 2019:  Lost and Found

March 10, 2019:  Counting The Cost

March 3, 2019:  Humility Is Good For You

February 24, 2019:  You Are In Good Hands

February 17, 2019:  Makes Me Want To Shout!

February 10, 2019:  Somethings Never Change

February 3, 2019:  Eyes on the Prize

January 27, 2019:  Sacrificial Love

January 20, 2019:  Good from Bad

January 13, 2019:  Humility in Love

January 6, 2019:  Steadfast Love​

December 30, 2018:  Everyone Matters

December 23, 2018:  Waiting Is Rewarded

December 16, 2018:  Credit Where Credit Is Due

December 9, 2018:  Keep Your Promise

December 2, 2018:  Complete Devotion 

November 25, 2018:  Amassing Wealth

November 18, 2018:  Finding Strength

November 11, 2018:  Deception in the Family

November 4, 2018:  Sibling Rivalry

October 28, 2018:  Make A Decision

October 21, 2018:  Promises Give Hope

October 14, 2018:  Constantly Working

October 7, 2018:  Faithful Following

September 30, 2018:  Passing the Buck

September 23, 2018:  Relationships Are Important

September 16, 2018:  Creation Is A Very Good Thing

September 9, 2018:  Turn On The Lights

September 2, 2018:  Out of the Darkness

August 26, 2018: Equity in Character

August 19, 2018: Equity in Conduct

August 12, 2018: Charitable Equity for All

August 5, 2018: Equity for All

July 29, 2018:  Join The Party

July 22, 2018:  Come In

July 15, 2018:  Persistence Pays Off

July 8, 2018:  Hypocrites


July 1, 2018:  To Forgive and Be Forgiven

June 24, 2018:  The Tables Are Turned

June 17, 2018:  More Than Lip Service

June 10, 2018:  You Reap What You Sow

June 3, 2018:  Compliance vs. Compassion

May 27, 2018:  More than Good 

May 20, 2018:  Creating an Equitable Economy

May 13, 2018:  Reasons to Give

May 6, 2018:  Generous Giving

April 29, 2018:  A World of Joy

April 22, 2018:  Together Forever

April 15, 2018:  Feeding Time

April 8, 2018:  Taking Directions

April 1, 2018:  Guess Who?

March  25, 2018:  Get It Together

March 18, 2018:  Finding Inspiration


March 11, 2018:  Promises Kept


March  4, 2018:  A Test of Truth

February 25, 2018:  Be Strong

February 18, 2018:  Looking For Help


February 11, 2018:  Taming The Tongue

February 4, 2018:  Actions Speak Louder than Words

January 28, 2018:  Strength When You Need It Most

January 21, 2018:  A Cry For Help

January 14, 2018:  No Matter The Cost

January 7, 2018:  Living Your Convictions

December 31, 2017:  United We Stand

December 24, 2017:  Giving Gifts of Honor

December 17, 2017:  Persevering Through Opposition

December 10, 2017:  Facing Opposition

December 3, 2017:  Seeking Wholeness 

November 26, 2017:  Promises To Remember

November 19, 2017:  The Go-Between

November 12, 2017:  Written On The Heart

November 5, 2017:  Unwavering Commitment 

October 29, 2017:  Sign On The Dotted Line

October 22, 2017:  A Much Bigger Plan


October 15, 2017:  A Covenant Is A Serious Thing


October 8, 2017:  Be Ready


October 1, 2017:  I Will Do This

September 24, 2017: A Change of Heart

September 17, 2017: Taking Time to Rest and Renew 

September 10, 2017: A Sign of Agreement

September 3, 2017: Called To Witness

August 27, 2017:  Called To Be Inclusive

August 20, 2017:  Called To Preach

August 13, 2017:  Called To Break Down Barriers

August 6, 2017:  Called To Witness

July 30, 2017:  Amos’s Call

July 23, 2017:  Ezekiel’s Call

July 16, 2017:  Jeremiah’s Call and Commission

July 9, 2017:  Isaiah In The Temple

July 2, 2017:  Moses And The Burning Bush

June 25, 2017:  Samson’s Call

June 18, 2017:  Jephthah Answers The Call

June 11, 2017:  Gideon’s Call

June 4, 2017:  Deborah and Barak

May 28, 2017: God’s Pervasive Love

May 21, 2017: God’s Love For Nineveh

May 14, 2017: God’s Love Preserved Jonah

May 7, 2017: God’s Sustaining Love

April 30, 2017: God’s Preserving Love

April 23, 2017: God’s Reconciling Love

April 16, 2017: God’s Love As Victory Over Death

April 9, 2017: God’s Saving Love In Christ

April 2, 2017:  God as Our Shepherd

March 26, 2017: God’s Love Restores

March 19, 2017: God’s Love Manifested

March 12, 2017: God’s Overflowing Love


March 5, 2017:  The Source of All Love

February 26, 2017:  "Christ Creates Holy Living"

February 19, 2017:  "Freedom In Christ"

February 12, 2017:  "New Birth Brings Freedom"

February 5, 2017:  "Re-Created To Live In Harmony"

January 29, 2017:  All Creation Praises God

January 22, 2017:  Praise God The Creator

January 15, 2017:  Praise God The Provider

January 8, 2017:  All Creation Overflows With Praise

January 1, 2017:  Praising God For The Creator

December 25, 2016:  God’s Promised Savior Is Born

December 18, 2016:  God Promised Zechariah A Son

December 11, 2016:  The Affirmation Of The Promise

December 4, 2016:  God Promises A Savior

November 27, 2016:  Alpha and Omega

November 20, 2016:  Living Waters

November 13, 2016:  I See A New Jerusalem

November 6, 2016:  Everything is Brand New

October 30, 2016: Pioneer And Perfecter Of Our Faith

October 23, 2016:  The High Priest Forever

October 16, 2016:  The Great High Priest

October 9, 2016:  Builder of the House

October 2, 2016:  The Imprint of God

September 25, 2016:  Everlasting Covenant

September 18, 2016:  Foundations of the Earth

September 11, 2016:  The Mountain of God

September 4, 2016:  The Peaceful Kingdom

August 28, 2016:  Love Fulfills The Law

August 21, 2016:  God Prunes and Grafts

August 14, 2016:  Living Under God’s Mercy

August 7, 2016:  Safe In God's Love

July 31, 2016:  Death Becomes Life

July 24, 2016:  Not Without Hope

July 17, 2016:  God Set Things Right

July 10, 2016:  We're All Under Sin's Power

July 3, 2016:  "Ignoring God's Truth WIthin Us"

June 26:  Ignoring God's Plain Truth

June 19, 2016:  Assurances and Joy for the Faithful 

June 12, 2016:  The Consequences of Disobedience

June 5, 2016:  The Day of the Lord

May 29, 2016:  Joyous Faith


May 22, 2016:  Childlike Faith


May 15, 2016:  Humble Faith


May 8, 2016:  Grateful Faith


May 1, 2016:  Increased Faith


April 24, 2016:  A Family Reunion


April 17, 2016:  A Sound Mind


April 10, 2016:  A Reversal of Shame


April 3, 2016:  Renewed Health


March 27, 2016:  Resurrection Faith


March 20, 2016:  Struggling Faith


March 13, 2016:  Simple Faith


March 6, 2016:  Powerful Faith


Febuary 28, 2016:  Feast of Booths


February 21, 2016:  Day of Atonement


February 14, 2016:  Feast of Weeks


February 7, 2016:  Passover


January 31, 2016:  The Death of a Friend


January 24, 2016:  A Wedding in Cana


January 17, 2016:  An Unfaithful Bride


January 10, 2016:  The Most Beautiful Bride


January 3, 2016:  A Bride Worth Waiting For


December 27, 2015:  A Generous Gift


December 20, 2015:  Dedication of First Born


December 13, 2015:  Acceptable Offerings


December 6, 2015:  The Lord’s Day


November 29:  Teaching God’s Word


November 22:  Thessalonica, Beroea, And Athens


November 15:  From Derbe To Philipi


November 8:  God Makes No Distinction


November 1, 2015:  God Rescues Peter


October 25, 2015:  Trusting The Spirit


October 18, 2015:  Peter Takes A Risk


October 11, 2015:  Saul Earns Credibility


October 4, 2015:  The Spirit Is Not For Sale


September 27, 2015:  Remembering God’s Faithfulness


September 20, 2015:  Witnessing To The Truth


September 13, 2015:  Sharing All Things


September 6, 2015:  Praying For One Another


August 30, 2015:  Return To A Just God


August 23, 2015:  God Demands Justice


August 16, 2015:  A Call For Repentance


August 9, 2015:  A Choice To Be Just


August 2, 2015:  Our Redeemer Comes


July 26, 2015:  God Shows Clemency


July 19, 2015:  Justice, Love, And Humility


July 12, 2015:  No Tolerance For Corrupt Leaders and Prophets


July 5, 2015:  No Rest For The Wicked


June 28, 2015:  God Will Never Forget


June 21, 2015:  Rebuked For Selfishness


June 14, 2015:  God Is Not Fooled


June 7, 2015:  Judgment on Israel and Judah


May 31, 2015:  The Greatest Gift is Love


May 24, 2015:  Gifts of Languages


May 17, 2015:  The Spirit Creates One Body


May 10, 2015:  Gifts of the Spirit


May 3, 2015:  Coworkers with the Truth


April 26, 2015:  Watch Out For Deceivers


April 19, 2015:  Believe God’s Love


April 12, 2015:  Love One Another


April 5, 2015:  Resurrection Guaranteed


March 29, 2015:  The One Who Comes


March 22, 2015:  Receive The Holy Spirit


March 15, 2015:  The Spirit of Truth


March 8, 2015:  Jesus Promises An Advocate


March 1, 2015:  The Lamb of God


February 22, 2015:  Clothed and Ready


February 15, 2015:  Serving the Least


February 8, 2015:  Serving Neighbors, Serving God


February 1, 2015:  Feasting and Fasting


January 25, 2015:  We Pray For One Another


January 18, 2015:  Jesus Intercedes for Us


January 11, 2015:  Jesus Prays for the Disciples


January 4, 2015:  A Model of Prayer



"Innovation is the specific instrument of learning that endows participants with a new capacity to create understanding."


Below are online resources to support your work in Christian Education.  They may be used to train other Christian Educators or simply to help you with planning at your local, district, or region. All this material is available for free. It is intended for educational purposes and it is not for re-sale. Please contact us if you make use of any of these resources and let us know if they are helpfu.  We may be reached at


2018 Connectional Youth & Young Adult Week

January 31 - February 7, 2016

Theme:  "CHOSEN:  Light Up the World"

(1 Peter 2:1-10)

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Department of Christian Education

2015 Connectional Board Report

As presented by Carmichael Crutchfield, Ph.D., General Secretary at the 4th Annual Unity Summit of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church convening at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida (September 28-29, 2015)

Click here to download the presentation


Department of Christian Education

2014 Quadrennial Report

As presented by Carmichael Crutchfield, Ph.D., General Secretary at the 37th Quadrennial Session and 38th General Conference of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church convening in the Baltimore Convention Center (June 29, 2014)

Click here to download the presentation


Sunday School Lesson:  "A Call to Unity"

Presented by Carmichael Crutchfield, Ph.D., General Secretary

& Charles L. Coney, Certified Christian Educator

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Department of Christian Education

at the 37th Quadrennial Session & 38th General Conference

(Sunday, June 29, 2014)

Click here to download the presentation


"Why Do I ‘Still’ Go To Sunday School?"

Carmichael Crutchfield, Ph.D.

General Secretary, 

Department of Christian Education CME Church

June 2014

     All of my siblings tell the story of our growing up at Barrs Chapel CME Church in Como, Tennessee where all seven of us were lined up on a pew each Sunday morning for Sunday school and worship.  For as long as we can remember our daddy, the deceased Mr. W.T. Crutchfield (much later became Rev.), who was the adult teacher and our momma Mrs. Zora Crutchfield faithfully took us to Sunday school. 

     After college, as a young adult, I still went to Sunday school and often taught.  After I got married I still went to Sunday school.  When I accepted the call to preach I still went to Sunday school.  When I became a pastor I still went to Sunday school.  (Click here for the remainder of this article).