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Christian Methodist Episcopal

Department of Christian Education

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Christian Educator
Resources for the Christian Educator

The Christian Education ministry of the church is not a one person job. It takes many people working at different levels and in different capacities. A Director of Christian Education provides pivotal leadership. Below are several resources to assist in planning and execution.

Christian Educator's Bundle

We know how every Christian Educator wants to hit the ground running with EVERY resource possible--unfortunately, most budgets are limited.  For that reason, we put together the Christian Educator's Bundle.   Save $50 by ordering the bundle which purchased separately would cost OVER $150!

Items Included

-How to Do A New Thing

-Christian Education Organizational Guide

-The Apostles' Creed

-Wondrous Grace

-Membership Manual Leader Guide & Student Book

-Trifold Understanding of Giving

-Young Adult Ministry Handbook

-CYF Guide

-Youth Ministry Handbook

-Children's Ministry Handbook

-Enlightened Males Program Manual

-Sunday School Superintendent

-Student Recognition Day


Doing A New Thing in Christian Education

This tool assists local churches in understanding the components necessary in "making disciples through events that form and transform."  These components provided the thrust for CYYAC08 and will be continued with CCYAC12.  Each resource includes a CD and is a must for Christian Educators at every level of the Church. 


Christian Education Organization Guide

This guide gives a prospective on the meaning of Christian Education, the role of Christian Educators, the structure of the board on all levels, and the role, responsibility, qualifications, and requirements for officers and committees. 

Sunday School Weekly Lesson Outline

Join others in weekly preparation for Sunday School.  Each week's outline has notes from the Committee on Uniform Series and thoughts reflected by the Lesson Development Guide as published by Abingdon Press.  Order this FREE resource today! 


Sunday School Superintendent

This resource provides the duties and responsibilities of the Sunday School superintendent for successful operation in Christian Education ministry. 


CYF Guide

This tool provides an overview of the set up and responsibilities of the Christian Youth Fellowship, philosophy of CYF, meeting guidelines, pledge & creed, etc. for youth and leaders.  It helps leaders of youth in establishing CYFs within the framework of the local church. 


Aging & Ministry in the 21st Century

The church is in the hands of its elders. While the popular perception is that the aged are needy and infirm, Gentzler affirms the majority of older adults have plenty to give. The church needs to tap into their wisdom, energy, experience, and talents. Gentzler stresses that older adult ministries need to be by and with elders as well as for them.


Wondrous Grace

This resource provides an easy access to learning about the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church for our members and others interested in our denomination. 


Youth & Young Adult Week Kit

This manual is produced each year to help guide the Connectional churches in celebrating C.M.E. Youth & Young Adult Week.  It includes litanies, prayers, suggested worship services, resources, mid-week bible studies, and activities.   Discounted Pricing available through January 15, 2015.