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Christian Methodist Episcopal

Department of Christian Education

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Christian Educator
Resources for your Adult Ministry

Traditional programs have served the church well in the past; however, many churches are experiencing a decrease in attendance and commitment.  We list below resources to offer curriculum and study "Doing A New Thing" in Adult Ministry at your church.


21st Century Discipleship

A Handbook for C.M.E. Congregations

21st Century Discipleship is a word event, a proclamation, an emerging spiritual explosion, and a process which demands response and action.  Each congregation is urged to purchase at least one package. 



Membership Leader Guides & Student Book

This manual is designed for new or seasoned members of the church and can assist the teaching process as a primary or supplementary guide.  This manual covers beliefs, church history, church organization, finances, and helps you to identify your spiritual gifts.  Each congregation is urged to purchase at least one package. 


Aging & Ministry in the 21st Century

The church is in the hands of its elders. While the popular perception is that the aged are needy and infirm, Gentzler affirms the majority of older adults have plenty to give. The church needs to tap into their wisdom, energy, experience, and talents. Gentzler stresses that older adult ministries need to be by and with elders as well as for them.


Wondrous Grace

This resource provides an easy access to learning about the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church for our members and others interested in our denomination. 


Family Ministry Resources

This guide helps local congregations develop and strengthen faith in the home, celebrate and support Christian families on their faith journey, and recognize a week or month in the year as Family Ministry Week or Month. 


Trifold Understanding of Giving

This publication provides a biblical definition of stewardship, emphasizes giving to mission vs. to a budget, and provides an understanding of tithing and giving biblically.