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Christian Methodist Episcopal

Department of Christian Education

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Christian Educator
Resources for your Children's Ministry

We're passionate about helping you make a difference in the lives of children.  We want to help you make sure that your kids cultivate their relationship with Jesus, and we're dedicated to giving you everything you'll probably ever need to resource your ministry.  Our goal is to connect you with ideas and resources that help students learn best--and make learning stick. 

Children's Ministry Handbook

This handbook is a guide for children leaders to prepare their young people in ages appropriate activities and learning experiences for ministry. 


I Can Worship Too

This monthly study for children ages 5-11 explains on their level our church worship service, prayer, Apostles' Creed, etc.  The resource is an annual subscription where quarterly you will receive 3 sets for the period months. 



Children Disciplers

This monthly study for children ages 5-11 includes prayer, weekly scripture readings, a Bible story with questions, and activities.  The resource is an annual subscription where monthly you will receive the period materials. 


Student Recognition Day

This resource is a guide for Connectional churches to celebrate students at all levels of their educational and spiritual journeys.