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Sunday School
Sunday School

Making disciples through "events that form and transform"

We are providing these notes from the Committee on Uniform Series that prepares associated Sunday School lesson outlines long in advance of their usage.  Included in this Guide are thoughts that are reflected in the Lesson Development Guide for writers of Sunday school lessons and the recommended commentary of the Department of Christian Education, The New International Lesson Annual published by Abingdon Press Nashville, Tennessee.
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July 6, 2014

Glorify God With Your Body
1 Corinthians 6:12-20


Unifying Principle (Focus)

Personal, moral, and physical purity are beneficial to the community.  How does the behavior of one person affect the whole community?  Paul said that because Christians are all one within the body of Christ, what harms one will harm other members, and what benefits one will benefit all.



Goals for the Learners

To analyze the apostle Paul’s comparison of the body to a temple.

To recognize that as members of the community of Christ their bodies must be kept pure.

To promote wholesome living within the faith community.



Lesson Challenges for the Week


Take stock of habits that affect your physical and mental well-being.  Do you eat and exercise appropriately?  Do you avoid harmful practices, such as smoking?  Do you take time to meditate or otherwise refresh your spiritual and mental batteries?  Identify anything that may impact your health and determine what you can do to make changes.

Consider the words lawful or permissible and beneficial or advantageous to the community as used in 1 Corinthians 6:12.  Think about situations in which you are willing to do what is “beneficial” rather than what is “permissible.”  How will your actions help others?

Act as a role model for other people in terms of living a moral, wholesome lifestyle.  Be especially vigilant around people who try to pressure you to do things that run counter to your Christian beliefs.


Sunday School Guides
available for download
(PDF Format)
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May 20, 2012:  The Resurrection and the Life

May 13, 2012:  The Good Shepherd

May 6, 2012:  The Bread of Life

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April 22, 2012:  Woman of Samaria

April 15, 2012:  Cleansing the Temple

April 8, 2012:  The Living Word

April 1, 2012:  Jesus Testifies To The Truth

March 25, 2012:  God’s Word Saves

March 18, 2012:  The Wedding At Cana

March 11, 2012:  The Word Became Flesh

March 4, 2012:  Wisdom’s Part in Creation

February 26, 2012:  Fruits of Redemption

February 19, 2012:  Heirs To The Promise

February 12, 2012:  Freed From Law Through Christ

February 5, 2012:  Justified by Faith in Christ

January 29, 2012:  Out of Egypt

January 22, 2012:  Joseph Transmits Abraham’s Promise

January 15, 2012:  God Preserves A Remnant

January 8, 2012:  Joseph Finds Favor

January 1, 2012:  God Watches Over Joseph

December 25, 2011:  According To The Promise

December 18, 2011:  The Lord Provides

December 11, 2011:  A Promise To Abraham

December 4, 2011:  A Blessing For All Nations

November 27, 2011:  Facing Life Without Worry

November 20, 2011:  Praying As God's People

November 13, 2011:  Loving As God's People

November 6, 2011:  Forgiving As God's People

October 23, 2011:  Tradition and Love

October 16, 2011:  Wisdom and Aging

October 9, 2011:  The Superiority of Wisdom