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Christian Methodist Episcopal

Department of Christian Education

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2010 General Conference

An "Essential Church":  Poised for 21st Century Ministry

The 36th Quadrennial Session and the 37th General Conference of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was held in Mobile, Alabama at the Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center.  From June 26 - July 4, 2010, Senior Bishop William H. Graves, Sr.and Host Bishop Lawrence L. Reddick, III facilitated worship and business meetings for the 3,500+ attendees.
Episcopal Election Results
Rev. Dr. James B. Walker,  56th Bishop
Rev. Dr. W. E. Lockett, 57th Bishop
Rev. Dr. Sylvester Williams, 58th Bishop
Rev. Dr. Teresa E. Snorton, 59th Bishop
Rev. Dr. Godwin Umoette, 60th Bishop

General Officer Election Results
Dr. Carmichael D. Crutchfield, Department of Christian Education
Dr. Joseph C. Neal, Jr., Department of Finance
Dr. Tyrone T. Davis, Board of Personnel Services
Mr. Clifford L. Harris, Department of Lay Ministry
Dr. Kenneth Elvis Jones, Editor, The Christian Index
Dr. Roderick D. Lewis, Department of Publication
DeWayne GoLightly, Department of Evangelism & Mission
Dr. Leo Pinkett, Department of Ministry to Men
Jeanette L. Bouknight, Executive Secretary

Judicial Council (Clergy)
Rev. Leo Douglass
Rev. Lawson Adjei
Rev. Jerry Woodfork
Alternate: Rev. Marshall Sharpe
Alternate: Rev. Phillip Bryant
Alternate: Rev. Russell Fuller

Judicial Council (Lay)
Mr. Kapel Kirkendoll
Attorney Pamela E. Bethel LeDuff
The Honorable Bertina E. Lampkin
Mrs. Barbara Nichols
Alternate:  Mrs. Jackie Wagner
Alternate: Mr. Arthur Boykin
Alternate: Mrs. Phyllis Barlow
Senior Bishop
Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr.

College of Bishops, Chair
Bishop Kenneth W. Carter

College of Bishops, Secretary
Bishop L.L. Reddick, III

Episcopal Assignments
First -  Bishop L.L. Reddick, III
Second - Bishop Sylvester Williams
Third - Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart, Sr.
Fourth - Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.
Fifth - Bishop W. E. Lockett
Sixth - Bishop Kenneth W. Carter
Seventh - Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr.
Eighth - Bishop Henry M. Williamson
Ninth - Bishop James B. Walker
Tenth - Bishop Godwin Umoette
Eleventh - Bishop Teresa E. Snorton

Episcopal Leadership
Department of Finance - Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr., Chair
Department of Publication - Bishop Henry W. Williamson, Chair
The Christian Index - Bishop Sylvester Williams, Chair
Board of Personnel Services - Bishop Paul A. G. Stewart, Sr.
Department of Christian Education - Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.
Department of Evangelism & Mission - Bishop James B. Walker
Women's Missionary Society - Bishop L. L. Reddick, III, Patron Bishop
Department of Lay Ministry - Bishop Teresa E. Snorton
Department of Ministry to Men - Bishop W. E. Lockett
Connectional Department of Minister Spouses - Bishop Godwin Umoette