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Christian Methodist Episcopal

Department of Christian Education

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Department Chair
General Board
Our General Connectional Board

The administration of the Department of Christian Education of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is under the supervision of the General Connectional Board which has the following composition, authority, and responsibilities:

The General Connectional Board is composed of representatives from the several districts of the church in accordance with the following ratio:  one clergy and one lay representative for every five thousand (5,000) members of each Episcopal District as reported to the General Conference plus one additional representative, either clergy or lay, for a major fraction of five thousand such members.

The Connectional Board Officers includes a Chairman, who is the Senior Bishop of the Church; a Vice-Chairman, one of the Bishops elected by the College of Bishops; and a Secretary, elected by the General Conference.

The General Connectional meets annually the first Wednesday in May, except in the year of the General Conference.
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Connectional Board of Christian Education

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr., Chair
James Perkins, Secretary
Rev. Dr. Roderick D. Lewis, Sr., Asst. Secretary
Ms. Kathy Bryant
Rev. Dr. Essie Clark George
Rev. Cyreeta Collins
Mrs. Helen Crowder
Rev. Stephen J. Delaine
Mrs. Gwendolyn Gibson
Mrs. Rosemary Hill
Mrs. Marie Johnson
Mrs. Phedonia Johnson
Mrs. Deedra Jordan-Hardrick
Rev. Arnold Joyner
Ms. Bettye Moore
Miss Susie Ann Owens
Mr. James Perkins
Mrs. Yvonne L. Peters
Rev. Dr. James E. Russell
Rev. Betty Ruth Stephens
Ms. Shadene Stewart
Mrs. Ida Suggs
Mrs. Earline Wynn
Committee Reports


Standing Committee Report

CME General Board, Houston, Tx - September 2013

Standing Committee Report
CME General Board, Memphis, Tn. - May 2009