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Christian Methodist Episcopal

Department of Christian Education

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2012 Connectional Youth & Young Adult Conference CYYAC12

"Making It Essential"


CYYAC12 is the connectional youth and young adult gathering for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  It is an event that only happens every four years and is the largest single gathering of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. This five day conference will bring together top Christian Methodist Episcopal Church leaders as well as the best ecumenical speakers and talent with thousands of youth from all around the nation and beyond for what is sure to be a life-changing event that consists of:

• Passionate Worship Experiences
• Concert
• Choir Singing
• Liturgical Dances
• Mime
• Rap

• Bible Study
• Small Groups

• Workshops and Trainings

• Exhibits
• Onsite Mission Opportunities
• Late-night Fun and Games and more!

Our denomination has a variety of congregations.  CYYAC12 will be focused on what unites our denomination: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal of the Youth event is to accomplish this while reflecting upon what youth and young adult can do to make the church essential for all people.


• MORE THAN a’s a community to know you are not alone.
• MORE THAN a’s communion with our extraordinary God.
• MORE THAN an’s a commission to change your life and your world.


     In July 2008, approximately 5,000 youth, young adults, and leaders from across the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church gathered in Orlando, Florida to perceive and experience God’s word to the Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 43:18-19; Doing a New Thing.   The Conferences truly provided youth and young adults opportunities to experience “New Things,” in the life of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  Many youth and young adults continue to talk of their experiences in Orlando and are looking forward to coming back to Orlando to experience what God has in store as we prepare to engage in the Quadrennial Theme of learning what it means to be an “Essential Church:  Poised for 21st Century Ministry.” 
     As we seek to incorporate the lessons from Bishop Thomas L. Brown’s Episcopal Address, the Conferences will focus on the four primary principles of becoming an Essential Church: 
     We will continue to journey in the tradition of Christian Education  forming and nurturing youths and young adults throughout the CME Church for 21st Century Discipleship.   
     During the week of July 2 – 6, 2012, the General Secretary and Staff of Christian Education will welcome youth and young adults from across the Connectional church to a disciple making event that forms and transforms them as they encounter what the early church experienced as told through the Acts of the Apostles, specifically, Acts 2:42-47 and how their experience informs our understanding of following Jesus’ commission to us to make disciples found in Matthew 28:19-20.
     CYYAC 2012 will gather thousands of CME youths, young adults, Christian Educators, leaders and guests from throughout the U.S., Jamaica, Haiti and Africa, to an awesome and extraordinary time of celebration and fellowship in Orlando, Florida, July 2-6, 2012.  During these five days, youth and young adults, as well as leaders will be challenged to consider new and prophetic ways of ministry as we continue to lift up the initiative based on the Department’s formula of  Formation + Leadership + Nurture = Mission
     Our prayer and hope is that Youths and Young Adults from across the Connectional church will encounter fresh and new perspectives of experiencing God that challenge them to go back to their local church and communities ready to ”Make It Essential,” Reaching, Training, Teaching, and Sending.
*All youth attending CYYAC 2012 must be assigned to a group leader.  The recommended ratio for chaperones is 4:1 (four youth per 1 adult).  Each group is encouraged to have a group leader/chaperone that is 25 years old or older.  CYYAC 2012 is designed for youth (ages 12-18) and their adult leaders; and Young Adults (ages 18-35).  All activities for CYYAC 2012 will be held at Rosen Shingle Creek.

To register for the conference, please Click Here.  If you need assistance and are not able to complete your registration on-line, please contact us at (901) 345-4109.